Why Rent a Dumpster?

You can rent a lot of things these days: cars, boats, houses, and … dumpsters? Yes, if you so choose you can rent your own dumpster that will come to your house. But why? Businesses and large stores and companies have dumpsters, but what would the average person or family do with one?

Well, they are good for large cleanouts, such as when you need to clean out the garage or that old back room that’s become a glorified storage closet. Chances are you aren’t keeping everything, and rather than cramming all the new trash bags on top of your old trash bags, you can just use a dumpster. Then the junk can just be hauled away instead of sitting on the curb.

They can also be used when you move from one house to the next, and you can get rid of unwanted items by simply tossing them in the dumpster. If you end up undertaking a renovation project, then you can also use a dumpster to get rid of any scrap wood, tile, debris, or pieces of furniture that you won’t be using anymore.

A Dumpster rental Seacaucus NJ service can come to your rescue when you start a big project that creates even bigger waste piles. While a trashcan or a few dozen trash bags will allow for you to clean up small messes, you’ll need a dumpster to tackle the larger projects.

Most sanitation companies and other services allow you to rent the dumpster for around a week at one set cost, so rent out a dumpster for a set time period. Once you are done with it, watch your junk get hauled away at the end. It’s certainly easier than waiting for the garbage truck to pick up a load of old bags!